Tony Green, Chief Executive of Hortons' Estate Limited 

The creation of the West Midlands Combined Authority and the forthcoming Mayoral election represents a huge opportunity for the region to take control of its economic destiny.  In my opinion Andy’s experience both in business and in leading the LEP and his ability to get things done make him by far the best candidate for this vital new role. 



Mark Abrams – CEO Auriga: 

 More than ever, the West Midlands needs great leadership. Andy Street has been there and done it. He’s represented brands all over the world, dealt with big leaders and been a proven success. Andy is really the only choice for the West Midlands and I fully endorse his bid to be Mayor.


Jason Adderley, Director at ERA Legal

The West Midlands needs a mayor capable of presenting a credible case for investment on the international stage. Andy Street has backed up his belief in the Midlands with action in the John Lewis boardroom and as Chair of the GBSLEP. The career politicians he faces just don't cut the mustard.


Parvez Akhtar – Offshore Engineering Manager at Jaguar Landrover and former Parliamentary candidate in Coventry North West

The West Midlands has been the engine of growth of the British economy in the last few years. In order to build on this post Brexit we need a credible voice who can represent us on the world stage as we look to China, India and the developing nations for our future trade. In Andy we have such a voice. His only motivation is to ensure this region where he has been raised up, becomes the hub of growth, investment and trade so that every part of and everyone in the West Midlands prospers. I have known Andy for a number of years and have no doubts about his credibility and his motivation or his passion for the West Midlands. But above all of this is his humble, down to earth, common sense approach which is why I am delighted he is standing for Mayor.

Cllr Deirdre Alden - Ward member for Edgbaston, Birmingham City Council

I'm backing Andy. He has just the right skills needed to be a great Mayor for our region.

Cllr Robert Alden - Leader of the Conservative Group, Birmingham City Council

Andy Street has an unbeatable record of delivery first at John Lewis and then at the GBSLEP. Andy’s achievements for the West Midlands show he is not only best placed to beat Labour but also to deliver for the region.

Suzanne Alderson – Co-Founder, Powershift

Andy is by far the outstanding candidate for the West Midlands Mayor campaign. His experience in business and local politics mean that while that isn’t a career politician but brings all of the necessary expertise to the table. But, crucially, he has the presence and reputation necessary to help the West Midlands be heard on a national stage.

Hilary Allen - Executive Director for Business Professional Services Birmingham

Since moving to the Midlands over a decade ago, this is the first time that I feel genuinely inspired and politically motivated to take a stand in support of an election candidate and that is the Andy Street effect. To my mind, his leadership skills, passion and drive, combined with social conscience are of a calibre akin to this great city’s historic founders. That’s why I am backing Andy in his campaign to become our mayor.

Councillor Leeford Allen – Ward member for New Hall ward, Sutton Coldfield

I am backing Andy Street as Mayor of the West Midlands because he is, in my view, the best candidates for that job. He is sophisticated and intelligent and will be a great mayor.

Cllr Adrian Andrew – Deputy leader, Walsall Conservative Group

The office of the Mayor of the West Midlands is going to be predominantly focused on job creation, skills, the transport infrastructure and physically regenerating our region. Andy Street is the man with the experience of doing this through his private sector and his role leading the GBSLEP. The last thing the West Midlands is a career politician in charge of our economy. Everyone should vote Andy Street as our Mayor.

Cllr Allan Andrews, Deputy Chairman, Coventry Conservative Association

I am proud to have been born and raised in Coventry and to serve our city as a Councillor. Our region needs strong and credible political leadership from someone who will not forget that the West Midlands doesn't just mean Birmingham. Andy Street fits the bill. With his incredible business experience and the reputation he enjoys amongst senior business and government figures, I am backing Andy to become the first Mayor of our amazing region.

Tim Andrews - Chairman of Hollywood Monster, CEO Birmingham City Ladies FC, Chairman of LoveBrum

Andy Street is a significant and instrumental force when it comes to the Midlands’ economic renaissance. From his role as MD of John Lewis, which has really added to Birmingham’s retail offering, through to his role as Chair of the GBSLEP; he has become a champion of this region, what it has to offer, and its future as a global player. I think that he’s the ideal candidate for Mayor and I will be wholeheartedly supporting his campaign.

Mohammed Arif - Financial Systems Consultant

I welcome the selection of Andy Street as the Mayoral candidate for the Conservative Party. His first hand business experience will be a key to bringing investment and jobs into West Midlands. No other candidate offers the ability to talk to world class business leader to negotiate business deals to help to drive the economy of the West Midlands region. I urge everyone to to support Andy Street and help to elect him as our first elected mayor for West Midlands.

Harriett Baldwin - MP for West Worcestershire

Lots of my constituents work in the West Midlands area and having a very successful businessman is charge is just what we need for a strong local economy.

John Baldwin – MD, CNG Services

I run an SME which won the Queen's Award for Innovation in 2016. I passionately believe Andy would be a great Mayor due to his experience in business and leadership. Plus, he went to Langley Primary School where our three children went!

Charles Barwell - Former President of the National Conservative Convention

Our region needs leadership. That’s why I’m backing Andy Street as Mayor. His experience in employing thousands of highly motivated staff, combined with the respect that he is held in business and government proves that Andy is the right person to be the first Mayor of the West Midlands. Like Andy, as a proud Brummie I want our city and region to be more respected across the world. 

Craig Bennett - Solicitor, Solihull

I am backing Andy in his campaign as Conservative Mayoral candidate. He is the best man for the job and I support him wholeheartedly.

Cllr Matt Bennett - Ward member for Edgbaston ward, Birmingham City Council

I am delighted that a candidate of Andy's calibre has come forward to fight this election for the Conservatives. With Andy's track record in business and in chairing the LEP we will have someone with he right skills to make things happen and deliver for the West Midlands. ‎I hope that residents will support him as the right man for this very important role.

James Bird - former councillor and Parliamentary candidate

Andy Street is by far the best candidate to be the first Mayor of the West Midlands Combined Authority. His experience and dynamism will bring the political leadership needed to drive forward confidence and prosperity in the region. If his past achievements translate into the mayoralty, then the people of the West Midlands have someone to believe in and back at the ballot box.


Councillor Mike Bird - Conservative Group Leader, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council

The West Midlands Combined Authority presents an exciting new chapter in local government and will require a dedicated and committed individual to spearhead the fight for our region. Andy Street is the very person to take on that fight with his knowledge of the Region gained as the Chair of the GBSLEP and champion of business in our area with the expertise he has shown in his role with the John Lewis organisation and his contacts at DCLG. Returning Andy as the elected Mayor will give us the best opportunity for the region to prosper with a safe pair of hands guiding the agenda for jobs and wealth creation by utilising his many attributes for the job. A Conservative Mayor will provide the checks and balances require in a Labour dominated West Midlands region.

Cllr John Blundell - Conservative group leader, Coventry City Council

It is my privilege to endorse Andy Street’s candidature for Mayor of the West Midlands Combined Authority. He has a proven track record in business at the helm of the iconic John Lewis Partnership and has also contributed greatly to public life leading the Greater Birmingham & Solihull LEP. This combination of success in public and private life means that Andy is well placed to lead the WMCA over the next few years.

Emma Boydell - Hospital Radio Presenter

Andy has such genuine belief and passion about the Midlands region and a positive strategy for the growth of our economy. It's great news he is standing.

Cllr Randal Brew OBE - Ward member for Northfield and deputy leader of the Conservative Group on Birmingham City Council

I have enjoyed working with Andy Street during his time as chairman of the GBSLEP, he's like a breath of fresh air and has achieved so much for the West Midlands. I know he will make a great Mayor for our region and, as you can tell, he has my wholehearted support.

Sandra Brew – charity trustee

When you listen to Andy Street you can tell he has a real passion for the West Midlands.  He's got a proven track record, and, importantly for my grandchildren, has pledged his help to secure jobs for young people.  It's no contest, a serious contender or someone who hits the headlines for talking about football – Andy definitely has my vote.

Ben Brittain – Trustee Groundwork Black Country

The West Midlands needs a leader to champion the whole of the region. As someone who grew up in Erdington and then later moved to Walsall, I know that Andy Street will represent all of the West Midlands. His passion, enthusiasm and pride in the West Midlands will empower Birmingham, Coventry and the Black Country so it can reach the full height of its potential and become an economic powerhouse that works for everyone.


Joel Buckett - President of University of Birmingham Conservatives and Lloyds Banking Graduate

Andy's success in the business world makes him the perfect candidate to represent hard-working citizens throughout the West Midlands. The breadth and variety of people supporting him stands testament to his good rapport in the local community, and his experience makes him by far the strongest choice for West Midlands Mayor.

Lois Burley - Vice Chairman of the Journalists' Charity, Midlands branch

Andy Street is an outstanding candidate with strong local roots and a formidable business background who cares passionately about our region. He will bring all his experience, leadership and passion to catapult Birmingham back to where it should be – 'Britain's Second City' – and be a committed, dedicated and highly respected leader of this great region.

Cllr Ruth Buttery - Ward member for Hayley Green and Cradley South, Dudley MBC

I think its great to have a new innovative candidate for the West Midlands Mayor - someone who has worked in retail, and has a day to day knowledge of life, a person of substance and not spin. I am supporting Andy to be Mayor.

Dave Bytheway – Partner, Bytheway & Co Accountants Ltd, Sedgley

The West Midlands needs someone who understands the real world and the reality of economic growth. Andy Street has done it all in business and been able to take everybody involved along with him. I know he can do the same for the West Midlands.

Daniel Caldicott - Intern at a Global Bank and Conservative Candidate for Birmingham City Council

Andy is the only candidate who has the experience and drive to make the most out of the Mayoralty. At a time where West Midlands industry is booming we need a Mayor who can represent the West Midlands effectively and ensure that our region makes a success of Brexit. Andy with his successful background in John Lewis is the only person I can trust to bring the best deal for Birmingham. We need a West Midlands that works for everyone, Andy Street is the only person who can deliver it.

Anita Champanieri - MD of Delicious PR

Without a shadow of a doubt we are happy to back Andy as driver of the Midlands Engine. Aside from his great track record at John Lewis and the LEP, he is a natural business leader and an inspiring man. The region needs a person with expertise, drive, ambition and can be an inspiration to everyone. Andy has these qualities and is passionate about building a secure future for the families in the West Midlands. He can drive that strategy to secure jobs, growth and profitability. It's evident that future of Birmingham and Brummies is really important to him and we have found a true City champion in the shape of Andy.

Scott Chapman - Deputy Chairman, Sandwell Conservative Association

The Metro Mayor will be a massive job, and the first mayor will shape both the job and the region's global profile and identity. Andy Street is the right person for the job, with unrivalled business experience, he can put the city and the region on the map both nationally and globally. Andy will be a strong metro mayor and the right person to take the region forward with these new powers. I have no hesitation in endorsing him.

Ravi Singh Chumber - Chairman of Perry Barr Conservative Association

Without doubt the Conservatives have managed to get the best candidate going! A proven track record in business, from a tried and trusted established brand, the trust factor with Andy is high. A refreshing breath of fresh air in that he is not a career politician. He does not need to take on this huge responsibility, he's not in this for the money, he is doing this because he cares and I believe in him. He has my backing 100%. I urge everyone to get behind him and support him for the sake of our area and our future.

Greg Clark MP - Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

It is fantastic news that Andy Street - one of Britain's best business leaders - is Conservative candidate for the Mayor of the West Midlands.

Russ Cockburn – Director, Cucumber PR

The West Midlands has to compete globally and you need a leader that has the understanding, the personality and the vision to inspire the region to achieve beyond its expectations. Having seen Andy at work firsthand, I’m confident he can transcend the political boundaries that often hold us back and his track record for delivery - both commercially and whilst Chairman of the LEP - will ensure we are respected and listened to on the global stage. That’s why I’m backing Andy for Mayor.

Thomas Coffey

Andy Street is the best choice for the West Midlands and I’m absolutely delighted he has been selected as our candidate.

Rob Coleman - Chairman, Ladywood Conservative Association and Deputy Chairman, Heartlands Conservatives

For the West Midlands to be able to compete on the national and international stage, we need a metro-mayor with real life experience, a track record of honest, determined leadership and a keen local insight. Time and again, Andy’s commitment to our region, not least as chairman of the GBSLEP, has proven that he is the champion that the residents and businesses of Ladywood need.

Anthony Coombs - Chairman of S&U Plc and former MP for Wyre Forest

As a former councillor in Birmingham and Midlands MP, I know the crucial importance of a genuinely local voice for the region. Andy combines this with great business experience and national credibility as head of John Lewis and our LEP. He has the energy, experience and vision to restore our region to pre-eminence and prosperity.


Paul Cottrill - Managing Director, Adwin Spring Ltd

We need a Mayor for the West Midlands who can represent the business and manufacturing sector, understanding the challenges companies face, particularly in terms of skills and training. Andy is clearly that person and has my full backing in his campaign.

Cllr Ian Courts - Ward member for Dorridge and Hockley Heath, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council and Deputy Leader of the Council

I have known and worked with Andy through the GBSLEP for several years now and he has shown just the type of drive, leadership and expertise that we need to take this region forward. He will make an outstanding Mayor for the West Midlands.

Tom Cullen - Editor, I Choose Birmingham

The West Midlands region is flying, but it's missing two vital pieces of the jigsaw: leadership and commercial nous. I've seen, first hand, that Andy has both by the bucketful.

Jackie Cummins - Director J21 Coaching and J21 Property, Executive Business Coach and Mentor

I am backing Andy Street for West Midlands Mayor as he already has first-class business leadership skills. He is also passionate about our great region and we need a candidate with passion and vision who can create more strategic growth, jobs and investment.

Jason Dalby - MD of Roxhill

Andy has done a brilliant job at John Lewis and with the Local Enterprise Partnership. I have absolutely no doubt that he will make a fantastic Mayor coming from the very top of the business community.

Daniel Dalton MEP - MEP for the West Midlands

Anybody who has heard Andy speak at events will know just how passionate he is about the West Midlands – this is exactly what we need from our Mayor above all else is somebody who will provide a powerful voice for this part of the world and this is why Andy is right for the job.

Cllr Stuart Davis - Ward member for Alphege, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council and President of Solihull Conservatives

The West Midlands Combined Authority needs to work for everybody and having the right Mayor is vital to this. Andy has demonstrated the leadership skills to lead the region to continued economic prosperity. This is why he has my full support in his campaign.

Nancy Duan - Director, Winstar New Voyager International

Andy's reputation and track record show just how lucky the West Midlands is to have him as a candidate. The region needs strong leadership if it is to thrive and grow - Andy is that leader and he has my full support.

Judy Dyke – solicitor with Tyndall Woods

As a proud Brummie, I thank Andy for standing for Mayor and bringing his commercial experience and expertise to the West Midlands. Andy’s focus on business development will help increase employment and economic growth in the region.

Jonathan Elliot - Deputy Chairman, Halesowen & Rowley Regis Conservative Association

Andy has a wealth of business experience and is not a career politician. As a West Midlander and an Local Enterprise Partnership chair too, I can't think of anyone better for the job.

PJ Ellis - Founder and Trustee LoveBrum

Andy Street is a success story in terms of his record in business with John Lewis, with the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership and as a passionate ambassador for the West Midlands region.

That’s why I’ll be backing his bid to be West Midlands Mayor.

Dr Luke Evans – GP and Primary Care Adviser for Birmingham Medical Institute

What I want from my Mayor is someone who has: the experience of leading at the highest level, compassion and communication skills to build consensus while getting results, and the energy to deliver the change so badly needed - and Andy has demonstrated throughout his career that he has these skills in spades! He is the only person who can provide the powerful voice desperately needed. Not only to promote the West Midlands on the world stage, but deliver success for every single person living and working in our area.

Cllr Des Flood - Ward member for Bartley Green

What a great opportunity we now have with Andy Street as our Mayor candidate. Who else is better placed than Andy to bring investment, prosperity and growth across the whole of the West Midlands region? I will be backing Andy for Mayor and ask that you back him too!

Margaret Goby - Chair of Erdington Conservative Association

I'll be supporting Andy because he has a track record of being an effective and successful leader, and is someone with the experience we need to be the new Mayor of our region.

Lucan Gray – Owner, Fazeley Studios and Custard Factory

There is no doubt that Andy Street is the best choice for Mayor if we want to see economic growth and more jobs and wealth in the region. He has proved his ability leading the Local Enterprise Partnership over the last five or so years to such great effect, not to mention running the nations favourite shop for longer than that. Party colours don’t matter for this election, we need the best person for the job, and that is - beyond doubt - Andy Street.

Mark Greenburgh - Partner at Gowling WLG

In his tenure at John Lewis and as chairman of the GBSLEP Andy has demonstrated an understanding of the needs, aspirations and potential of people and of our region. He is superbly qualified to take on the leadership role as Mayor of the city region and I support his bid to do so.

Matt Griffiths – MD, The Hydra Group

Andy has great strategic vision - his skilled investment in online and clever leadership of the bricks and mortar portfolio are envied by retailers all over the world. I have witnessed Andy operate on the world stage with business leaders from around the world, he is hugely respected by his international peer group and his track record of ‘getting things done’ is there for all to see. The other important characteristic I like is Andy’s inclusiveness , it is about the team . Andy is absolutely passionate about representing the seven boroughs of the West Midlands and will be an outstanding Mayor.

Cllr Dr Andrew Hardie – GP and ward member for Vesey, Birmingham City Council

The new Mayor for the West Midlands will carry a huge responsibility for job creation and driving the West Midlands forwards and, with his huge experience of business and of making organisations work together positively, Andy Street is just the person for the job.

Monica Hardie - Mental Health Nurse

Coming from a Mental Health background as I do, it is essential that funding is provided for public services. This means the West Midlands economy being directed well from the top - Andy is excellently placed for this role and I am therefore pleased to endorse him as candidate for Mayor.

Cllr Patrick Harley - Leader of the Conservative Group, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Andy is not just another career politician. Instead he has rose from humble beginnings to become head of one of our most successful companies - John Lewis. In addition, Andy has led the local enterprise partnership in Greater Birmingham for several years. Andy's record of achievement shows he has the skill, determination and ability to succeed and deliver for the whole of the West Midlands.

Jane Harris - Programme Manager, Skilled and Ready

I'm endorsing Andy Street for West Midlands Mayor as he has a genuine commitment to closing the West Midlands skills gap which he strives to achieve through working with local skills organisations and local people who really understand the region and what it needs.

Jeff Harris - Owner and chairman, Adwin Spring Ltd

Career politicians are the worse possible thing that could happen to the West Midlands. Quite simply, we need a leader and we need business knowledge in order for the economy to prosper and grow. Andy Street's proven background in business and leadership makes him without doubt the stand-out candidate in this contest and he has my full backing.

Parveen Hassan – Founder of Conservative Women’s Hub and Enterprise Women

I strongly endorse Andy Street for the West Midlands Mayor. His first class vision and substantial regional experience, leading in the business sector, makes him the ultimate people's choice. Under his visionary leadership, can we see our region prosper and develop in business, enterprise and growth.

William Hayes - Quality Manager at Adwin Springs Ltd

Manufacturing is an industry that needs economic stability in the region and a ready supply of skilled labour in order for us to succeed and grow. A Conservative Mayor is what we need and Andy Street will be truly excellent in the role.


Lord Michael Heseltine

Andy brings two distinguished and very relevant experiences to the task. First, he built his career by climbing the ladder of one of our most successful companies, the John Lewis Partnership. Andy has spent his life satisfying customers. He now wants to bring the same obsession with quality to the provision of public service. Second, Andy has led the local enterprise partnership in Greater Birmingham since its inception in the last Parliament. The work of the LEP, the creation of the Combined Authority, has a cross-party alliance which has given a vital cohesion to the new party arrangements. Andy has been at the centre of the devolution agenda and has proved by success how this area has benefitted. 

Adam Higgs - Deputy Chairman of Birmingham Hall Green Conservative Association

Andy has spent over 30 years working his way up in the business world. His experience means he is perfect for the new role of West Midlands Mayor and is by far the best person to drive forward the Midlands Engine.

Cllr Charlotte Hodivala – Mayor of Sutton Coldfield and Councillor for Town Council, Trinity ward

The West Midlands deserves the best Mayor who can work for, and with, every constituency to ensure we thrive as a region. I believe Andy Street is the best candidate, clearly demonstrated through his proven track record in business and the time and commitment he has already dedicated to so many Birmingham organisations, such as the five years he has given to the LEP. We need a Mayor who can promote Birmingham as open for business, and lead the region through a period of substantial growth. Andy is the only candidate capable of doing this, and that's why he has my support.

Cllr Peter Hogarth - Ward member for Silhill ward, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

The West Midlands electorate is very fortunate to have Andy Street as the Mayoral Candidate. His business experience over the years at John Lewis makes him the dynamic leader that the region requires.

Cllr Diana Holl-Allen MBE – Ward member for Knowle, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

Andy Street has my full and unreserved endorsement for the West Midlands Metro Mayor. He is beyond doubt the perfect candidate for the job.

Nick Holzherr - CEO of Whisk and founder of Digital Canal

Andy has a genuinely inspiring track record in business as well as for making the West Midlands better. Having Andy as our Mayor would be a huge win for us.

Cllr Clare Kathryn Horrocks - Four Oaks Ward, Sutton Coldfield

As a young person, I greatly appreciate many of the concerns the region's electorate are facing; employment prospects, housing, regional regeneration and investment, as I too face them. Andy has the wisdom to steer the West Midlands through this phenomenal period of change and growth, and the leadership to secure those concerns for us all. Andy Street is the only candidate to whom I would entrust my future, and the future of the region I love. 

Giles Horwitch-Smith – res:harmonics

As a technology entrepreneur I want a Mayor who understands how to support and enable the tech ecosystem in our region, to drive innovation and creativity. It’s vital we continue to build on our strengths and look to the future. I believe Andy Street is the right candidate to achieve this with his considerable business and leadership experience. 

Cllr Eddie Hughes – Ward member for Streetly, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council

If the question is, ‘How do we ensure maximum investment, prosperity and growth across the whole of the West Midlands region?’ then Andy Street is the answer. As our candidate and then as our Mayor he will be able to reach out to all sectors of the community, with appeal that stretches far beyond one political party.

Tom Huxley - Midlands Campaign Coordinator, Vote Leave

As someone who led the campaign locally, I know how strongly the West Midlands wants Brexit - more so than any other part of the country. In my view, Andy is the only candidate who has the experience and know-how to meet the challenges Brexit creates, make the most of the many opportunities Brexit presents and above all get the best possible deal for the West Midlands.

Gareth Iley - Partner, Clearwater International

The West Midlands mayor is an outstanding opportunity for our region and we need a high calibre candidate to lead our region. Andy stands head and shoulders above the other candidates. He has run a large and successful business and has already demonstrated considerable skill and passion in leading the Local Enterprise Partnership. He has a passion to grow the local economy while making sure that everyone benefits. He is a man of action who gets things done. Who could be a better choice for the West Midlands?

Cllr Alex Insley - Ward member for Blythe, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council and director of Unilite International

Andy Street is the perfect candidate to lead our great and vibrant city. His business record speaks for itself and needs no introduction. If we are to utilise the opportunities of devolved power we need to capitalise on this moment. Andy Street is the local champion we need to put the West Midlands back on the world stage. For these reasons I am backing Andy to become the Mayor of the West Midlands.

Timothy Ison – Sales Director, Reuben Colley Fine Art

Andy is a passionate supporter of the arts, and a powerful advocate for this region’s economy. Reuben Colley Fine Art depends upon the health of the West Midlands business community and the vibrancy of its cultural life. Andy’s support for our gallery, and for the artists we represent, has demonstrated the strength of his commitment in the most practical of ways. I wholeheartedly back Andy for Mayor.

George Jabbour - Businessman and former Conservative candidate

I am delighted that Andy is standing as our Conservative Mayoral candidate for the West Midlands. His proven record of success makes him the perfect candidate to represent the local communities and address the challenges the area faces. It will be a true pleasure to campaign for him in the coming months.

Ken Jackson - Chairman, Ken Jackson & Son (Midlands) Ltd

I strongly support Andy because his experience with John Lewis demonstrates the knows how to treat all trypes of people, illustrating he has the correct skills and background to succeed as Mayor.

Margot James MP - MP for Stourbridge

The West Midlands really needs a mayor who can bring together different partners and interests to help the region fulfil its potential. Throughout his career, Andy has demonstrated the leadership ability that the Mayor will need to bring people together and deliver for everybody. That is why he has my full support.

Sajid Javid - Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

I am proud to have Andy Street as our candidate for West Midlands Mayor. He will make an excellent Mayor.

Simon Jenner - Consultant Res:Harmonics

Industries like tech need the vision and energy of someone like Andy Street if they are to thrive in the West Midlands. Andy's business brain will be just the sort of inspiration start-ups and growing businesses will be looking to. That's what we need leading our region, not a career politician.

Ian Jolly - Managing Director, SendItMobile

I have listened to Andy commercially many times over the years and he is exactly what our city and region needs. As a proud Brummie business leader he has mine and my companies full support.

Digby, Lord Jones of Birmingham - Former Director General of the CBI

As a proud Brummie I want to see our region “punch above its weight”, engage with the rest of the world and make the most of every opportunity. Andy Street is the man to do this. He has the wealth of experience and is firmly on the side of business.

Cllr Les Jones - former leader of Dudley Council and PCC candidate for the West Midlands

As someone who cares passionately about the West Midlands, I'm convinced that the opportunity this Mayoral election presents will transform our region. We need and deserve a mayor who can represent the region on a global stage, at home with local politicians and at the centre of Government. I know that Andy Street can provide the leadership we need looking to the future.

Marcus Jones MP – MP for Nuneaton

Andy Street’s recording in dealing with Government on a national and local level in recent years demonstrates that he will make an exceptional Mayor for the West Midlands. His local knowledge and his passion for the West Midlands, combined with his exemplary career at John Lewis, mean he is exactly what is needed.

Chris D. Kelly – Chairman, Keltruck Limited and retired Conservative MP for Dudley South

Andy is a phenomenal West Midlands voice not only for business but also for all of our communities. He has a clear vision for our region of better, more cost effective administration brought closer to the people. Andy knows all about this as he has delivered it in the private sector for customers and colleagues alike. I urge you to support him.

Amil Khan - School Governor

Andy’s wealth of experience in the business sector provides him with the skills and insight that will enable the region to fulfil its potential and prosper. His record as Chair of the Greater Birmingham & Solihull LEP demonstrates his ability to collaborate with the government, local authorities and employers with great success. Andy possesses the gravitas and vision required to address the challenges the West Midlands faces, which is why I will be supporting his campaign.

Wasim Khan - Former Warwickshire CCC cricketer and current Chief Executive of Leicestershire CCC

Andy is a transformational leader who makes thigs happen. As a respected business leader, He has the skill to engage through a passionate narrative and he has the drive to ensure that a credible case will be presented to make the West Midlands an international investment destination of choice.

Julian Knight MP - MP for Solihull

The West Midlands has a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a major economic force, and to do this we need powerful and effective leadership. Andy Street is just that leader - with him as Mayor we have the opportunity to unite and deliver the step change we all want to see.

Jan Kolasinski – Founder and Managing Director, Bluetel Solutions

At a time of devolution, we need a Mayor who will help define and defend the West Midlands' interests in the face of increasing regional competition and who will be able to give our region the standing it deserves. Andy Street is that Mayor.

Kuha Kumaran

Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude. Andy Street has done it in successful companies and the people of the West Midlands need him. Good luck!

Rod Laight - Managing Director, Reddifast Steels Ltd

What the West Midlands needs is someone who understands business and can be a leader to enable us to generate wealth. Andy is proven to be someone with a track record in both of these things and this is why he has my full support in his campaign to be Mayor of the West Midlands.

Andrew Lamb - Director Harris Lamb

Andy’s work in the West Midlands, not least the massively successful Birmingham City Centre Enterprise Zone, demonstrates just how brilliant he would be as a Mayor. His leadership and business experience are exactly what the West Midlands, the best region in the world, deserves.

Jason Langford-Brown – Managing Director, Lucid Group

Great to have a candidate who not just has the passion but also the leadership skills required to coordinate successful change and progression for the Greater Birmingham region. Andy Street has not only been there and done it at the highest level but has a track record of inspiring people to achieve great things. Andy is an inspired choice and I fully endorse his bid to be our Mayor.

Councillor Marcus Lapsa - ward member for Westwood, Coventry City Council


Having lived in Coventry since 1977, I will be supporting Andy Street as this region needs someone like him who has a proven track record in business. He has led initiatives that have put 17,000 people in work. His vision is a NEET-free West Midlands and his commitment, passion and leadership will help get the best deals and growth for the region.

Trevor Law - MD of Merito Financial Services Ltd, Solihull

In selecting a Mayor for the West Midlands one would look for someone with energy, integrity, leadership skills, a proven track record in business, respect from political and business leaders and a genuine connect and affection for the area . Andy Street has all that and more – I’m backing Andy for Mayor.

Councillor Ed Lawrence - ward member for Kingswinford North and Wall Heath, Dudley MBC

I fully support Andy Street for Mayor. His passion for the West Midlands along with his outstanding business track record and leadership experience make him the ideal person to push growth and change in the region. Our region deserves a leader of this calibre.

Deborah Leary OBE - Chief Executive Officer, Forensic Pathways

Businesses in the West Midlands will be looking for the Mayor to be a strong supporter of their interests, championing the region and making a case for investment to overcome our skills and infrastructure challenges. Andy Street is - without a shadow of a doubt - the man to do this. He has my full support for his campaign.

Jen Leavesley – Writer

It’s my genuine belief that someone with Andy’s business sense is exactly what we need. Despite being a largely Labour person, I believe we need the Conservatives in the Mayor position. The way Andy has run John Lewis all this time has been a marvel and that business sense, that canny way around finances, is exactly what we need, not yet more Labour offerings. We need someone who can invest in the Midlands and make it run like an Engine.

Lis Lewis-Jones - CEO Liquid PR

Birmingham needs direction, strong leadership and most importantly a voice. I believe that Andy will provide this and enable us to stand out, once again, on a national and international stage.

Marc Lucock - HR & Training Director

I’m so glad that Andy is standing as the mayoral candidate. With a business background and a proven record of getting things done, he is exactly the kind of person I want to see as my Mayor. He has vast experiance of working with organisations within the West Midlands, which when added to the fact he is a genuinely friendly guy with family roots in the West Midlands a vote for Andy will be a vote not wasted.

Karen Lumley MP - MP for Redditch County

Andy has been heavily involved in the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership and was instrumental in helping forge the WMCA. Having somebody with cross-party respect can only help to make the West Midlands even stronger, with no borough left behind. I also know Andy very well on a personal level. He is one of the most vibrant people I have ever met and has turned round the fortunes of John Lewis in the years that he has been in charge. I therefore know that he will do a superb job as mayor for the West Midlands and will also have the best interests of Redditch at heart.

Alan Lusty – Chief Executive, ADI Group

The West Midlands needs a strong leader and Andy’s genuine passion and track-record across the region speaks volumes which I believe would stand us in good stead should he be elected as Mayor.

Cllr Annette Mackenzie - Ward member for Shirley East on Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

Hopefully Andy will be the next West Midlands Mayor, our Conservative candidate.

Ewan Mackey – Chairman of Sutton Coldfield Conservative Association and councilor for Trinity ward

Andy Street is a proven leader who has succeeded in a very competitive industry by listening to customers and staff and delivering for both. He is not a career politician, he is someone with real world experience that will be invaluable in assessing the challenges the West Midlands faces and coming up with workable solutions that the whole of the region can get behind.

Adam Maclean - Managing Director of Edel Immersys

The door is open for Birmingham and the West Midlands region. To make it happen, we need leaders who can rise above point scoring politics as usual. Andy Street has done a remarkable job in a short time at the GBSLEP, he is rooted in the region, and can operate at the highest level. He is the right choice for West Midlands Mayor.

Amy Maclean - NHS Worker

It is exciting to have Andy be a promising leader for the West Midlands. We need strong voice rooted in the understanding of how our economy works linked to government power, particularly in how we are able to influence how money is spent on health. Working in health, it is clear that services funded by the Local Authority which contribute to the long term health of our population don't always align with the acute needs we see in the NHS. I look forward to supporting Andy as he begins this challenge of representing the people of the region.

Dave Maclean - Packt Publishing, Managing Director


Business acumen, experience working with Government and an intrinsic understanding of the West Midlands and what makes us tick in a global economy. All of these things and more, Andy brings to the table. This is why I am 100% behind his bid for Mayor.

Rachel Maclean - COO and founder of Air. Conservative Parliamentary Candidate 2015

Andy Street is, without a shadow of a doubt, the leading candidate for West Midlands Mayor. The West Midlands does not have a good track record in collaborative working but Andy has helped to bring different factions and interests together. As Mayor his involvement will be truly transformational. That is why I am behind his bid.

Jason MacKenzie - Managing Director at Liquid PR and president-elect of the CIPR

We need a people person and a proven leader. No one fits the bill better than Andy Street, a man who worked his way from the shop floor to the boardroom. A vote for Andy Street is a vote for a better Birmingham.

Lord George Magan of Castletown – Peer and Conservative Party Treasurer

Andy Street, such a strong Conservative candidate, is undoubtedly the best choice for Mayor for the West Midlands.  You must vote for him.

Cllr Pete Male - Woodlands ward, Coventry City Council

I am happy to support Andy Street as the Conservative mayoral candidate for the West Midlands Combined Authority. Andy's successful business background makes him an ideal candidate to help stimulate economic growth in our region. I am particularly interested in his desire to support youth training and skills development, that will be essential to our region's economic future.

Sam Marchant - Co-Founder of Real Tribe

As a young person who was apolitical until I started my own business, I now understand all too clearly the difference between Labour and Conservative economic policies. This is why I’m championing Andy Street. He understands business, the challenges we face and, crucially, how we overcome them. He has my full backing.

Demetrios Markou MBE, FCA

I wholeheartedly support Andy Street for the Conservative Party Mayoral nomination and his campaign for office. He is exactly what the West Midlands needs.

Theresa May MP - Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

A success in business running John Lewis. An action man in Birmingham, playing his part in transforming this city. A man to get things done, the future Mayor of the West Midlands - Andy Street.

Cllr Tim Mayer – Ward member for Westwood ward, Coventry City Council

I have lived in Coventry for over ten years now after being raised in Birmingham. As I am now a Coventry city Councillor I am really pleased to support Andy's campaign. Not only does this region need great leadership but we also need someone with great business acumen. With Andy's business experience and political knowledge, I am happy to support him in becoming our first Mayor.

Guy McEvoy - GuyKat Solutions Ltd

I think Andy would be brilliant for the region. His broad appeal should cut right through normal party lines. We don't need a tribal politician. We need a communicator who believes in the region and we need a doer with judgement, drive and influence. That's how I seem him. He'll have my vote.

Anthea McIntyre MEP - MEP for the West Midlands

Andy Street is a brilliant choice. His work as chairman of Greater Birmingham Local Enterprise Partnership shows his the experience and clout we need in a Mayor and he knows the region inside out. I fully support the idea of directly-elected mayors. They can cut through local government inertia and truly work in the voters' interests - but they only work well when you have high-quality people in the role. Andy is of the highest caliber.

Patrick McLoughlin - Conservative Party Chairman and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster


In Andy Street, we have a great candidate. He's not your typical politician, a man with a fantastic business record, now putting himself up for public service. He's a proud local, passionate about the West Midlands and Andy has the experience and vision to make this region even better.

Steve Mee – Chairman-CEO of Pineapple

As a businessman I can think of no-one better to kick-start the West Midlands economy. Andy’s record is hugely impressive, and his commitment to the region is second to none. Despite being the cradle of Britain’s manufacturing, for too many years Birmingham, Coventry and the Black Country have failed to punch their weight when it comes to growth, jobs and exporting. That’s not for want of enterprise or innovation, more a lack of leadership. As a Conservative, I’m doubly delighted. Andy will be a great candidate, who I know will reach out across party lines to build a consensus for common sense and prosperity throughout all the communities of our region. I look forward to an enthusiastic reception on the doorstep.

Ishrat Mehboob - Lawyer and governor of Langley Green School

Andy Street is a great local candidate whose fantastic business skills will benefit everyone in our great city and the whole of the West Midlands region.

Phil Merry – Local Government Candidate

Birmingham needs a Mayor who is not just a politician – it needs somebody who can act as an ambassador and sell our great city to world. Andy’s experience with John Lewis, a firm which prides itself on treating its staff and customers well shows he knows how to deliver services for everyone. Using this experience Andy will make an exceptional Mayor who can create a West Midlands that works for everyone.

Cllr Anne Millward - Ward member for Gornal on Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Andy is a proven leader and his track record with the GBSLEP and at John Lewis show he has all the qualities we need to make the West Midlands Combined Authority work. This is a golden opportunity for the entire region to share in the benefits of economic growth and with Andy as Mayor, this would definitely be the case.


Andrew Mitchell MP - MP for Sutton Coldfield

I strongly support Andy – I believe he would make a brilliant mayor for the West Midlands. His business experience will be a huge advantage as the West Midlands seeks to reach its full economic potential. An Andy Street mayoralty is just what the region needs.

James Morris MP - MP for Halesowen and Rowley Regis

I'm supporting Andy Street to be the first West Midlands Mayor because I know he has the skills, determination and local knowledge to deliver for the region. Improving transport and skills will be at the forefront of what the Mayor will do and Andy is the best person to tackle these important challenges.

Wendy Morton MP - MP for Aldridge-Brownhills

During his time with the Local Enterprise Partnership Andy has demonstrated great skill in helping to bring together different partners with different agendas for the benefit of everybody. This is something we need to see continue so that the progress we’ve made here in the West Midlands can continue.

Dr M G Moula - Chairman Rajnagar Business Group

As a business person and resident of Solihull for the past 30 years, I am well aware of the dynamic business personality and phenomenal experience Andy Street possesses. He has proven this throughout his achievements, particularly with his roles at John Lewis and GBSLEP. I believe his passionate qualities are comparable to that of Conservative leaders I have met - being a strong leader makes him the best candidate for Mayor of the West Midlands and I believe he is the perfect candidate for the welfare of the county.

Brian Murray - owner and founder, Boss Design

What we need in the West Midlands is someone who can be a great leader. At last, with Andy Street we have somebody with real business experience, drive, energy and the knowhow for the job. He is the ideal candidate for the job and will be getting my full backing for his campaign.

Isa Mutlib - Senior Project Manager at Pathway Group

Supporting Andy as a Mayoral candidate for this city means a lot to a lot of people. With his great experience in business and his aim to bring economic growth into the city of Birmingham, I have full belief that Andy is the best person to lead this city. I hope many others follow in supporting Andy on this journey.

Graham Nicoll – Advisory, KMPG Enterprise

As a region we have a real mixture of success and significant challenges, therefore we need a Mayor who is able to galvanise people from across all communities and in particular from both public and private sector organisations to ensure we capitalise on the opportunities facing us.  Andy has proven himself as an inspiring and hands on leader in both his day job as well as in his role as chair of the GBSLEP.  I am supporting Andy as the only choice to take on this role.

Petro Nicolaides – Director f-t Commercial and Financial Solutions, Secretary Conservative One Nation Forum


For too long our voice in the West Midlands has not been loud enough. We need our message to be heard and our place as the leading industrial powerhouse cemented, where innovation thrives and enterprise rewarded. Andy Street has that voice. He speaks the language and delivers success. That is why I am delighted to endorse Andy as the Mayor of the West Midlands.

Doug Norton - Chairman, Indestructible Paint Company

His ideal mix of social caring, enterprise, academic success and political competence is self-evident from his track record via local schools and Oxford University, followed by employment rising to Chairmanships of our leading national retail partnership PLUS Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership. He is by far the standout candidate.

Steve O'Connor - Director, Strip Tinning Automotive

The West Midlands deserves a dynamic leader, proven at the highest level corporately, but with a track record of delivering for the manufacturing SMEs that make this wonderful area so special. Andy is certainly the perfect person for this role.

George Osborne MP - MP for Tatton

It's great business star Andy Street is our Conservative candidate for the first mayor of the West Midlands. He's a strong voice who'll bring jobs and investment. The fact that Andy has put himself forward shows our new elected Metro Mayors will have real power.

Paul Phillips – Founder, CandyClic

I fully support candidate Andy Street in his campaign to be the Mayor of the West Midlands. He is a fiscally prudent and visionary candidate.

Cllr Mark Parker – Chairman Solihull Conservative Association

Andy Street had a very successful career in business and it was his talent and acumen that saw John Lewis Partnership achieve success in the competitive world. Andy has the right skills and background that will see him succeed as Mayor Elect and his energy and leadership will ensure WMCA firmly jolts the Midlands Engine to a roaring start.

Cllr Simon Phipps - Ward member for Belle Vale ward, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council


Andy has all the qualities to be a great Mayor for the West Midlands. His experience as a successful business leader with a proven track record combined with his local knowledge and passion for the region makes him the best candidate to represent our region as its Mayor.

Cllr Arun Photay - ward member for Tettenhall Wightwick, Wolverhampton City Council

I am delighted with Andy's selection as the Conservative Mayoral candidate for the West Midlands. I believe he has all the qualities and expertise needed to ensure the West Midlands flourishes, and is a strong voice who will bring jobs and investment.

Suria Photay - former Parliamentary candidate for Wolverhampton South East

The West Midlands needs a Mayor capable of bringing in positive change, both economically and socially. Andy has the right skill set, local knowledge and proven business track record to improve our region and I believe he is the right person for the job.

Cllr Alan Rebeiro – Councillor for Knowle, Solihull MBC

I fully endorse the candidature of Andy Street as Mayor for the Combined Authority and have every confidence in his commitment. The collective experience of his retail career and serving the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership will help deliver the high expectations of the diverse communities of the region.

Sahar Rezazadeh - Chartered Surveyor at CBRE

Andy has the business acumen, charisma and can-do attitude that our region most desperately needs. With a proven track record and strong leadership skills, he can drive the West Midlands into fulfilling its full potential in the interest of all the diverse communities, companies and organisations we are so proud of.

Pritpal Sagoo – founder of Primitivo

I am backing Andy’s campaign because he is quite simply the best candidate for Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Cllr Gary Sambrook - Birmingham City Council Shadow Cabinet Member for Housing and Homes

Andy has the ideas and energy to transform our region into a well-connected, skilled and thriving region. I know he'll have areas such as Kingstanding in mind when making decisions about housing, transport and skills.

Dani Saveker - Founder and CEO of Families in Business 

Andy’s passion and commitment to our proud city and region is outstanding. With a true determination to make a difference, and build on what he’s already started, Andy would make an ideal Mayor. I’m delighted to support his campaign.

Eileen Schofield – Schofield and Associates, Knowle and past president of Birmingham Law Society

I met Andy whilst I was President of Birmingham Law Society and in his role as Chairman of the Greater Birmingham & Solihull LEP.  Andy is dynamic, focused and passionate about Birmingham and the West Midlands. His vision was and is to make our region the best in every way and I have every confidence that he will achieve the very best for the West Midlands. His energy is unsurpassed and his determination to ensure that Birmingham stands tall against other regions in the country has ensured that he has received support of local business leaders and politicians alike. His manner is formidable but engaging.

Derrick Scott - Resident, Northfield

Andy has all the credentials necessary. He was brought up and educated in Birmingham, has a solid and extensive commercial background leading a major national retailer, experienced in guiding a cooperative workforce model and he is integrally involved with many West Midlands cultural and commercial organisations. Andy is the ideal candidate to lead the West Midlands into a bright and exciting future by representing and attracting business to this area from both home and abroad.

Neil Shastri-Hurst - Deputy Chairman of the Edgbaston Conservative Association

I am supporting Andy Street in his candidature for the Mayor of the West Midlands. Quite simply, his experience and vision make him best choice for the role.

Cllr Udey Singh – Ward member for Tettenhall Regis ward, Wolverhampton City Council

Andy clearly has the experience, passion and commitment to ensure the West Midlands fulfils its true potential. Having strong roots within the West Midlands there is no better candidate to assist West midlands and its people in achieving greatness.

Councillor David Skinner - ward member for Westwood, Coventry City Council

Andy Street is an ideal candidate for Mayor of the West Midlands. He has occupied very senior business positions, becoming Managing Director of the John Lewis Partnership, known world-wide for its high-quality merchandise. He has contributed greatly to local public life, leading the Greater Birmingham & Solihull LEP. Very few people anywhere could remotely match that combination of public and private achievement. He has a keen analytical mind, great energy and wide knowledge of the West Midlands. He will be a first-class Mayor.

Peter Smallbone - Director, Smallbone Consulting Ltd and Chairman, Quinton Conservatives

All too often, local government is inward-looking, officious and ineffective. Andy promises to rise above the officialdom and get on with the job of delivering decent public services for local people and championing the West Midlands across the world.

Andi Smith – Founder and Enterprise Manager at Urban Cycles

As a city and a region we need a mayor with a proven ability to consistently deliver real, transformative progress. Delivery is everything and that’s why I’m backing Andy as the mayor we so desperately need.

Dame Caroline Spelman MP - MP for Meriden

Andy Street would make an excellent mayor for the West Midlands Combined Authority area.  Being a local, he understands our heritage and has applied his business acumen to the front line of public service.  Our area needs the kind of leadership he offers of determination, practicality and the courtesy of someone who understands all about customer service.  The West Midlands would flourish under his mayoralty.

Peter Sunderland - Conservative member, Solihull

With a proven success outside politics Andy Street is an inspired choice for Mayor. By giving up a senior long established position in the commercial world he shows real commitment to giving his home region an even greater future.

Cllr Ken Taylor – Councillor for Earlsdon ward, Coventry City Council

Andy Street is the main for the West Midlands mayor. He has a proven track record and will lead and drive the entire West Midlands region forward. Let’s get behind him!

Councillor Laura Taylor - ward member for Belle Vale, Dudley MBC

We need a Mayor who will work for the whole of the West Midlands, working with the many and varied organisations to help secure investment in transport and skills which, in turn, will bring jobs and prosperity. Andy Street is the only candidate that can achieve this and has my full backing.

Tara Tomes – MD East Village

Working in PR for almost a decade I know, first hand, just how far Birmingham – and the region as a whole – has come in shouting about its strength as somewhere to work, rest and play. Andy has been instrumental in this over the past couple of years and has teamed his expertise with pride, passion and purpose. His love for this region, what it has achieved and, more importantly, what it can - and will - achieve is why I firmly believe that he’s the man for the job. I’m proud to be a resident and business owner here and, to me, it’s crucial that we have Andy driving us forward in the right direction.

Karen Tracey - Owner at Dunelm Business Consultants

Career politicians are the last thing the West Midlands needs if we are going to really make that transformational change to our economy. Tackling those big issues, the generational challenges that really hold us back will take a true leader. That’s why I’m backing Andy.

Paul Uppal - former MP for Wolverhampton South West

Andy Street’s business track record make him the perfect candidate for the West Midlands Mayoral role. Not only does he have experience in making big decisions and balancing different interests, he has been the right frontman for John Lewis and can be the right frontman for the West Midlands. He has my complete support and will make a brilliant Mayor.

Jayne Vaughan - owner, Belle Diva

Having met Andy I am genuinely inspired for the first time ever to stand in support of an election candidate. Andy has the right pedigree in business to make his potential new role of the Midlands Mayor an extremely successful one. You can count on our vote Andy.

Cllr Margaret Waddington – President of Sutton Coldfield Conservative Association and councilor for Sutton Trinity ward

We are fortunate indeed that Andy Street has decided to throw his hat into the ring as a potential Conservative Candidate for the West Midlands Mayor. He already has a national persona and through his chairmanship of the GBSLEP is known for his commitment to the West Midlands. He has been putting himself about in the region and his warm personality will gain him many friends and votes.

Alistair Walker-Smith - SME-owner, Walsall

Anyone living in the West Midlands is acutely aware of the economic challenges facing our region - and the effect the failed Labour policy 'experiments' have had on our region. As a small business owner living in Walsall it's very clear to me that the next 5-10 years are going to be a rollercoaster ride politically, socially and economically as we exit from the EU. I think that's why it's vital we have someone strong at the helm as West Midlands Mayor who has faced the challenges of leading one of Britain's largest companies and why I'm endorsing Andy Street for the job.

Cllr Simon Ward - Ward member, Four Oaks, Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council

Andy Street is the stand-out candidate to become mayor. He brings a great track record in the real world and a tremendous passion for our region. He understands what needs to be done and has the expertise to deliver. The West Midlands needs an advocate with his background and credibility in both the private and public sectors.

Suzanne Webb - Project Fields Campaign Spokesperson

Andy has a track record of success. I believe he will deliver for the electorate and have their interests at heart over political ambition. The new West Midlands Combined Authority needs a Mayor who is a man of the people and Andy Street is that person. He has my vote.

Mark Wilson – Partner, Catalyst Corporate Finance

We need a figurehead who has an ambitious vision for the region and who has demonstrated leadership in business and investment at the highest level. There can be no better candidate at this time than Andy Street.

Barbara Wood

Andy's vast experience and leadership skills are ideal qualities we want in a Mayor!

Cllr Ken Wood - Ward member for New Hall, Sutton Coldfield Council

Andy Street has the qualities and experiecne we need in a Mayor in our great region. I'm backing Andy.

Mike Wood MP - MP for Dudley South

Andy Street has an unbeatable record of delivery first at John Lewis and then at the GBSLEP. Andy’s achievements for the West Midlands show he is not only best placed to beat Labour but also to deliver for the region.

Matt Wright – Director Firesec Electrical Limited

We fought through a Labour-fueled recession and have now consolidated and grown under Conservative initiative. Andy Street is a Mayoral candidate I passionately believe can only help continue that growth and give the West Midlands that edge in the business arena previously lacking.

Cllr Alex Yip - Councillor for Sutton New Hall Ward, Birmingham City Council

The choice for residents is clear between this proven, energetic, forthright business leader, and career politicians without the proven skills to lead. May everyone swiftly back Andy: the right candidate for the future of the West Midlands.

Zehra Zaidi - Former Head of National Programmes and Birmingham Programme Lead, UpRising

I met Andy when he supported our leadership programme for young people from across Birmingham, Solihull and the Black Country. He took time out to engage and inspire, not only speaking about his own leadership journey and the work of the GBSLEP, but also helped to guide our programme participants and alumni on their own leadership pathways. There are so many opportunities for Birmingham, from investment and growth to a thriving, diverse culture and sense of community. However, there are also social challenges to help the most disadvantaged and reduce inequalities. I have seen Andy work first hand. He understands both the challenges and the opportunities. Importantly, he also has a track record of delivery on both. There is no better man for the role of Mayor for the West Midlands.